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6 Unique sites for practicing and studying English online

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Learning English can be much easier than you think. The key is to find some interesting websites to practice English online. Here are 6 sites for learning English!
Trying to learn English is easier than it’s ever been. With the immense amount of resources, tutors and media available online, learning a new language has become more accessible than ever.
Learning English can be much easier than you think. The key is to find some interesting websites to practice English online.
However, the sheer number of websites out there can be overwhelming. Where should you start and what is the best website for English language learners?

What Do You Need to Learn English?

  • A large vocabulary – building up a base of words you know that can be used in writing, listening, and conversation.

  • English grammar – getting tenses, spellings, and punctuation correct so you can be properly understood.

  • To be able to speak comfortably: with everyone, about everything.
To help you out we’ve put together a list of all our favourite English learning websites. From a complete beginner to a more experienced student, these websites can help out an English language learner of any level.

1. Facebook

We know what your thinking, “Won’t Facebook be more of a distraction than a help in learning English?”
While it is true that social media can be a distraction from your studies, there is also a tonne of great resources shared here. UKnow has its own Facebook page that shares excellent resources and tips for English language students.
There are also some groups you can join where you can connect with other students, and share tips and resources that will help your studies.
Top Tip: Change your Facebook language settings to English so every time you visit the site, you will be aiding your learning

2. Duolingo

Duolingo is an excellent website for English language learners, especially if you are focusing on spelling and grammar.
Duolingo can help you learn new vocabulary and improve your English grammar through interactive games and quizzes. It makes learning fun and goes over every new word or rule you learn until you remember it, testing you at the end of each lesson before you move on.
They also have an App available on iOS, Android and Windows Phones meaning you can learn on the go. This is great for those of you with busy lives as you can fit in short practices when you can, such as on the commute to work.
“Duolingo is super easy to use, and I love that they combine different styles of teaching. Traditional classroom learning has never worked for me, but Duolingo is working great so far!” – Ashley, Google Play Store App Review.

3. TED

If you’ve not already heard of TED, it’s a site a little bit like YouTube, that hosts a tonne of interesting videos about every topic imaginable.
Although the purpose of the site is not to be an English Learning website, it is still a great resource and very accessible to non-native speakers. One of the great things about TED videos is that they have English subtitles on every single one. TED is, therefore, a great website to visit for English listening practice.
As a bonus, they also have transcripts available for all their videos making it easy for you to go back over a topic and pick out any areas you struggled with. The wide variety of topics covered means you will be exposed to loads of new words and thus aid in building your vocabulary.

4. BBC Learning English

As one of the largest British Media outlets, you’ll know that you are getting top quality resources from this English Language site. They have a dedicated section just for learning resources for non-native English speaker.
The content on their website caters for every level so whether you are just starting or looking to sharpen your skills, there will be loads of helpful information here that you can use.
They even have entire courses available, so you can efficiently structure your learning. This guidance helps you learn faster as you are given new information as you need it and in a logical order.

5. Easy World of English

Easy World of English is an excellent website for those wanting to improve their English grammar, punctuation and writing skills.
The website is really easy to use guiding you through every step of your learning process and is one of the best websites which includes syntax, elocution, reading, and picture word references.

6. Activities for ESL Students

This English learning website does exactly what it says on the tin. It has a huge range of activities for those who are learning English as a second language.
Topics covered include grammar, sentence structure, and vocabulary starting at the primary level and going up to advanced. For educators and students alike it is often considered one of the best websites for English language learning.
It’s a great resource with so many materials that you’ll never run out of things to do. With crosswords, grammar quizzes, videos, and bilingual assignments you will never get bored doing repetitive tasks, thus helping you study for longer.

7. British Council

One of the things we love about the British Council website is how they have divided their English language learning into the sections – kids, teens and adults.
Every section has a wide range of lessons, games and podcasts specifically tailored to each age range. It can often be tough to hold the attention of teenagers and kids, but their interactive way of learning does a great job of keeping students engaged.

8. Netflix

Although not a substitute for the active lessons, Netflix can be a great way to keep up your English Language practice on days when you are not feeling motivated to sit down for an educational lesson and practice your English.
They have shows available in a range of languages and with subtitles available. Next time your sense a Netflix binge coming on or a new show comes out you may want to see, try watching it with subtitles so that you are practising your reading skills even in your downtime.

9. Spotify

“How can Spotify help me learn English?” I hear you asking. Well, songs are a great way to practice listening – and speaking if you like to have a sing-along.
Spotify has a huge range of English speaking artists, and you can even try looking up the lyrics and translating them into your language so that you can get a better understanding of what’s being said.
Another great thing about media such as Spotify (and Netflix) is that it can go beyond helping you just practice a language. These forms of learning can also help you understand the culture of Englishing speaking countries like the USA and UK.
By learning what is popular in those countries, when you eventually visit you will find it much easier to make connections with the locals and make friends.

10. Grammar.net

For adults and kids alike it can be challenging to learn from dry learning materials. As human beings, the vast majority of us are visual learners – seeing colours and graphs help keep us engaged.
Luckily for us, in the digital age, even dull topics such as English grammar can be brought to life with interesting visuals. Grammar.net take a very dull subject and injects some life into it by using infographics to teach you the principle of English Grammar visually.

11. UKnow

Not to toot our own horn, but we have one of the best sites for learning English too. Our experienced and dedicated tutors can give you valuable practice to help you quickly pick up the English language.
From speaking practice to business language, we have a range of tutors that can help you at whatever level you’re at. Their structured lesson plans and video calls provide an excellent method for learning, and you’ll be chatting away in English in no time.
There are so many great websites out there to help you learn English, and these are our favorite. They will give you excellent bits of advice, tips, and tricks to help you pick up this new language with ease.